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From Walking To Adult, Coach Patty’s School of Gymnastics

Offers A Class That Will Fit You and Your Child’s Goals.  

Our philosophy is that the experience of learning gymnastics is and should be fun, as well as challenging.

Gymnastics Develops Confidence in Everyday Life


Gymnastics as an individual sport most often develops a higher level of confidence than is possible in team sports.  Every single skill a gymnast learns is a personal accomplishment of which they can be proud.  That pride translates to and contributes to their level of confidence Most often confidence built in the gym translates to every area of their lives, even to seemingly unrelated areas like public speaking and test-taking.

Free Trial Lesson for Everyone

We are confident that you and your child will be satisfied with your experience at Coach Patty’s School of Gymnastics that we insist on you trying it out free.   Every new member may take advantage of a free trial lesson.

Birthday Parties, Open Gym, Camps and More

Not just gymnastics Coach Patty’s offer fun filled Gymnastic Birthday Parties, Gymnastic camps, Parents Night out and Open Gymnastics.

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